Playground Extension

The Optimist Club are pleased to have added an extension to the playground. We added a 20 foot high rope climer, 2 springboard surf boards, and another swing set. Our goal has been to create a play area where the children of the community can play and call their own. We had many youth come out and help shovel, rake, carry, and build each step of the way.

The building of the playground started back in 2006. Together with many contributors we built the first of a three stage outdoor recreational dream. We start with 2 swing set bays, a springboard animal and a large activity centre. We also rebuilt the Libro Sports pad.

The Libro Sports Park was built in 2008 and has over 1000 volunteer hours, with many of those hours coming from the youth within our community. The Sports Park consists of a tennis court, a basketball/ball hockey court, and the most impressive skateboard court. The idea of a sports park was started by a yough in the community, Devon Triest. He wanted a skateboard park and started to do the research into what it takes. He approached different groups such as Optimist Club, the Community Group and the Municipality. Together we came up with the Libro Sports Park.

Other Projects

The Optimist Club have done a lot of projects over the past 31 years. We have built the Library, both the original piece and the addition, a baseball diamond, the ball booth, and the elevator in the BAICCC, among others.