Inter club relations

We love having inter club relations as it brings fun between clubs here are a few of the things that have taken place.   20150302_185834    20150302_211221

Our neighboring club had misplaced their gavel by mistake, somehow our club found it so we invited them over for a dinner. No ordinary dinner because they had to wear some Toronto Maple Leaf gear. The president’s from both clubs are seen exchanging the gavel. ALVINSTON President Les Douglas on the left and KERWOOD President Don McInroy on the right.     20150325_203330

Here we are going to the Kerwood club to retrieve our bell that was supposedly wandering our parking lot. We showed up as requested wearing summer gear. (We would have appreciated a little heat in the hall when we got there). Seen here exchanging the bell are past President of Alvinston club and current lt. Governor for the Zone Rob Van Dyk on left and President elect for Kerwood club Mary Ann Hendrix on right   MONDAY night was a fun a night with Kerwood Optimist Club coming over to retrieve their fine pot. Dressed in funny hats and wearing sun glasses they came and enjoyed a great meal that the Brooke Alvinston Skating Club cooked all had a good time and always nice to meet with friends from other clubs.

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